Smart Automation - Robot Technology at Custom Machining


Since 2008, Custom Machining has been committed to using only the most innovative technologies and continuously expanding them in order to meet the demand for intelligent automation in all production disciplines.



  • The first vertical pick-up lathe is put into operation: The raw parts are accessed without an employee having to check the correctness of the support
  • An external portal loads the work spindle: The first, non-rotationally symmetrical part is inserted in a position-oriented manner


  • A 6-axis robot goes into operation: The robot carries out the secondary activities (such as deburring and marking). With the help of integrated camera technology, the raw part is automatically identified and inserted - no visual inspection by an employee is required


  • Two production machines are loaded by a robot


    • Four work processes (clearing, balancing, washing and marking) are combined and automated in one cell by a robot


    • Unsorted raw parts are correctly positioned by "grabbing the box" using a 4-fold device. Further processing steps are integrated to ensure 100 percent product acceptance: washing, deburring, labeling and temporary storage
    • The first complete robot cell with palletizing system goes into operation as a standard system
    • Building on the first, the second robot cell with the additional function of integrated assembly of add-on parts is put into operation
    • Additional functions expand the third robot cell: When deburring, instead of moving the component the robot collects the tool required from a tool magazine