Strong Expertise From Fridolfing for Different Industries Worldwide

Custom Machining produces customer-specific precision parts from all machinable materials and, from decades of experience, fully understands the requirements of various industries:  From the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, to shipbuilding, aerospace technology and classic mechanical and plant engineering.  Materials, processes, vertical integration and downstream processes are adapted to the individual needs of customers.

No two components are alike: from gearboxes and paddle wheels to high-pressure components or special parts, Custom Machining guarantees the smallest running tolerances, minimal axis inclinations and high-precision manufacturing of warpage-prone parts - for all industries.

Despite increasing globalization, the Custom Machining division of Rosenberger continues with the tradition of serving customers from all over the world from its location in Fridolfing, Bavaria.


Automotive, Commercial Vehicle and Shipbuilding Industries

Four trends can currently be observed in the automotive, commercial vehicle and shipbuilding industries: sustainable mobility concepts, autonomous driving, digitization and electromobility. These significantly influence the production of components and place new demands on suppliers. The needs of large-scale series can only be met with a rapid response to product variants and a high level of automation.

With innovative technology and flexible capacities, Custom Machining is ready to meet the challenges of these industries in the future.


Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace technology is characterized by ever shorter innovation cycles together with increasing expectations in terms of economy, safety and environmental compatibility.

Components for this industry are subject to special requirements regarding heat, density, pressure and environmental pollution. The materials and alloys used for this purpose must be light and corrosion-resistant while also possessing high strength. Understandably, the aerospace industry places the highest demands on quality, safety and reliability.

With DIN EN 9100: 2018 certification, Custom Machining from Rosenberger is able to reliably meet these requirements.


Machinery and Plant Engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is a dynamically growing market across production, further processing and transport.  Increasingly, work processes are being automated through the use of machine designs. The future lies in even higher precision and performance, fewer defective parts, flexible batch sizes and the processing of lighter materials.

Custom Machining is a trustworthy and experienced partner and is adept at translating the needs of customers into tailor-made production processes.