Quality Assurance


Excellent Product Quality Through Rigorous Testing

Equipped with tactile coordinate measuring machines, surface measuring devices and a large number of other measuring and testing equipment, Custom Machining is able to master almost all metrological challenges. Most of the processing machines are equipped with 3D measuring probes so that process reliability and accuracy in the manufacture of the components can be guaranteed at all times.

Custom Machining carries out process-accompanying measurements and product audits in order to carefully monitor the quality of the products and processes. The determined data are recorded with CAQ software.

Quality Assurance employees have the following qualifications and knowledge: Six Sigma, AUKOM, IATF16949, VDA6.3, GPS standards.


Measuring and Testing Equipment Overview

Measuring Devices

  • 3D coordinate measuring machines from Zeiss in the air-conditioned measuring room (Programming based on 3D data at the offline programming station)
    • Calypso, GEAR PRO and Curve software
    • Prismo7HTG x: 900 mm, y: 1200 mm, z: 700 mm
    • MC850 x: 850 mm, y: 1200 mm, z: 600 mm
    • Rotary table RT 05 / ø 300 mm
  • Contour surface measuring device combined with Mitutoyo Formtracer CS3200 x: 200 mm, z: 500 mm
  • Surface measuring devices from Mitutoyo and Mahr (stationary and portable)
  • Qness Q250M hardness tester with HB 2.5 / 187.5; HB2.5 / 62.5; HRC; HV1; HV10

Measuring and testing equipment

  • OPMI pico microscope from Zeiss with very good depth of field
  • Endoscopy devices from Stotz and Wolf (stationary and portable)
  • Height gauges up to 400 mm
  • The most modern electronic handheld measuring devices of various brands (connection to statistics software possible)
  • Wide range of special measuring equipment and gauges

Analytical Procedures

  • Microfocus X-ray CT system for 3D metrology and analysis with up to 300 kV / 500 W, measuring accuracy: 4 + L / 100 μm
  • Salt spray test chamber and climate change test device
  • Temperature shock and climatic test chambers, performance range from - 80 ° C to + 220 ° C
  • Scanning electron microscope with EDX magnification: x5 to x300,000; Accelerating voltage: from 0.3 to 30 kV; Resolution SE: 3 nm (30 kV), resolution LV: 4 nm (30 kV)
  • Image analysis systems with up to 5000x magnification
  • Tensile and compression testing devices for measuring capacities up to 10 kN
  • Section preparation for hardness and hardness curve measurements for samples with a disk diameter of 300 mm at a disk speed of 40 to 600 rpm.
  • Technical clean room for component analysis in accordance with technical cleanliness guidelines to VDA 19 and ISO 16232

Quality Assurance Tasks

  • Incoming and outgoing goods inspection
  • Initial sampling
  • First, intermediate and last piece inspection
  • Visual inspection with  endoscope and microscope
  • Carrying out and accompanying various audits
  • Processing of complaints with customers and suppliers
  • Monitoring of test equipment
  • Participation in customer projects
  • External measurement as a service

Zero-Defect Quality Strategy


Documented Precision with the Most Modern Measuring and Testing Equipment

Many machine tools from Custom Machining have integrated measuring systems.  In the test laboratory and in production, special devices including 3D coordinate measuring machines, precision microscopes and endoscopes as well as surface roughness and contour measuring devices ensure perfect quality.