Production Process - Development Through to Series Production


Stable, Efficient and Cost-Conscious Production Processes

Many years of experience are required to make production processes stable, efficient and cost-conscious. Custom Machining knows all of the customer's challenges: from prototypes for innovative product lines and individual custom-made products for specific projects, to the production of high-volume series parts. Standardized and transparent project management from development to construction and production to delivery is decisive for economic success.

Custom Machining develops the appropriate manufacturing strategy for each solution on behalf of the customer. This includes the design of the process sequence, construction of workpiece holders and special tools. Depending on the capacity required Custom Machining has the financial resources to acquire corresponding production systems should it be necessary.

CNC milled parts and precision turned parts are manufactured from customer drawings and with the help of innovative technologies. Experienced employees continuously check and improve the results when turning and milling, therefore ensuring process reliability.

Taking into account all economic aspects, Custom Machining creates tailor-made production processes that meet the individual quality requirements of customers, guaranteeing a stable and efficient project process.


All From a Single Source

As a full-service supplier, Custom Machining offers the optimal production process for every customer requirement, from ordering through production to delivery -  with the support of a designated l customer contact person everything remains on schedule  all from a single source.


New Customer Projects

  • Project planning to ensure the dates requested by the customer
  • Interface management
  • Quality management
  • Planning
  • Equipment construction
  • Work preparation
  • Designated customer contact person

Development of the Production Process

  • Definition of the optimal production process
  • Design and procurement of tools
  • Selection of the appropriate technology
  • Construction and creation of individual clamping devices and special tools
  • Construction and creation of test and pressure test devices
  • Construction and creation of assembly devices
  • Creation of CNC programs
  • Documentation for all production-related documents in the ERP system

Work Preparation

  • Guarantee of reproducibility based on the current production documents
  • Ensuring the availability of all production equipment before production begins
  • Documented coolant monitoring
  • Optimization of the production process

Production Process

  • Sample production
  • Quality inspection
  • Acceptance of the components with approval from the customer
  • Handover to production

Transfer of Sample Production to Series Production

  • Ensuring and monitoring of further tasks after the component acceptance by the customer
  • Post calculation of the components
  • In the event of a deviation, deriving measures and monitoring their implementation
  • Transfer of sample production to series production